Issue XIII – Girdwood Development 2024

Welcome to Issue XIII of Girdwood Inc’s Newsletter! Significant undertakings are underway in Girdwood. We trust you’ll find value in staying informed about the latest happenings in our neck of the woods. Dive into this issue for updates on ongoing projects, the status of the area plan draft, and an “Everyone For Girdwood” update!

Holtan Hills:

On January 23, 2024, the Anchorage Assembly voted 9-2 in favor of the disposal of Heritage Land Bank parcels known as “Holtan Hills” to CY Investments.

When the initial action was before assembly in 2022, it was presented with very few restrictions and concessions within the ordinance. This prompted a large showing of Girdwood residents to testify before assembly during a massive snowstorm event in December of 2022. The agenda item needed to be extended to another special meeting, in order to hear the hours and hours of testimony.

New substitute versions of the ordinance were drafted (S-versions), with new restrictions and requirements, which appear to have been inspired by the testimony. On January 23, 2024 the assembly included several new amendments working off of the S-2 version, which was reintroduced in December of 2023. One example would be an amendment to prohibit short term rentals on multi-family lots in Phase I, in addition to single family lots. Meg Zaletel had included “At least one multi-family lot for the development of at least 8 units to be drawn from HLB’s portion of profits will be designated for future disposal to a Girdwood housing trust or non-profit entity for the purposes of developing community housing for residents,” in the S-2 ordinance. Another amendment passed January 23, 2024 included increasing the lots available for community housing to two lots, one multifamily and one single family lot, shall now be reserved for community purposes within the development.

The project will now proceed through the planning process, including seeking a conditional use for the planned unit development.

Alyeska Resort Development:

Alyeska Resort presented at a joint Girdwood Board of Supervisors and Land Use Committee meeting on February 7th regarding their development and expansion plans.

“Overview: Pomeroy plans to amend the existing Alyeska Master Plan. Current plan was created by prior owner in 2008. Project has been shaped by public input substantially and makes effort to maintain existing trail connectivity, existing trails and limited impact on wetlands. Amendment is allowed because changes fall within allowable percent of change from prior plan. Pomeroy Lodging is working toward HLB disposal that would provide them land for the Glacier Creek development.

Area Master Plan Amendment:
Presentation of the plans that will be used as amendment to the current Alyeska Resort Master Plan. Plan is to build three developments with horizontal gondola to connect.
Alyeska Village: Base of tram area. This area is mainly visitor focused, includes hotel extension, new conference facility, condos, ski school facility. Steep slope allows for ground floor on 2 levels, interconnected walkways. Underground parking.
Moose Meadows: Undeveloped area by the church and back storage area behind existing parking. Development is mainly community related. Facilities planned here are Little Bears, recreation building including pool and skating rink, multiple projects for workforce housing including dorm style, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and townhomes, grocery and other retail on 1st floor.
Glacier Creek: After completion of the first two developments this project would begin, estimate 10 years from approval. This development will include single family homes, no Short Term Rentals (STRs).” Source: GBOS Minutes

Willam Laurie, Development Manager for Pomeroy Resort stated “All residential in the Moose Meadow area will be workforce housing rentals with no option for Short Term Rentals. Glacier Creek development area will also include a small homes aspect with priority purchasing opportunity for Girdwood locals looking for primary residence.”

“Glacier Creek is a planned single-family, trails-oriented community within the overall Development. Pomeroy is committed to delivering several homes focusing on efficiency and affordability, while offering priority access to locals seeking to purchase a primary residence in the Valley. Pomeroy is actively researching various models employed by municipalities elsewhere, seeking to implement similar approaches in Girdwood such as a lottery system,” Laurie stated.

The location of the Glacier Creek development is throughout the proposed Forest Loop on the Girdwood Area Trail Plan. As of now, the Girdwood Area Plan draft shows the area as “Mixed Use.” The public comments received for the Area Plan will likely dictate the future direction for the area.

Pomeroy has invested approximately $50 million into Alyeska since acquisition. These investments include: 71-Unit Staff Housing Building, Mountain Recreational Vehicles, New Snow Cats, Sky Bridge, Nordic Spa, Completed remodeling of floors 6-8, Continued remodel of remaining floors and lobby spaces, Forte Restaurant Remodel, Aurora Bar and Grill Remodel, Remodel of Gym in Pool area with new equipment.

The projected total for the development and expansion plans are expected to be $350 million+.

Girdwood Area Plan Draft Published:

Imagine! Girdwood published the Girdwood Area Plan draft and map. The Area Plan is the overarching plan that guides future development of the community and a very important document for shaping the valley. We encourage all residents and owners to review the draft. Public Comment on the draft is open until March 31st, 2024.

Images Source: Imagine! Girdwood. View the entire draft plan by visiting

Everyone For Girdwood: An Update

A sincere thank you for attending our fundraiser event and supporting the Girdwood Workforce Childcare Project! We are excited to report that over $80,000 has been raised from local individuals and businesses!

The Girdwood Workforce Childcare Project is a joint effort of Girdwood Inc and Little Bears Playhouse, Inc. Our goal is to build a new and safe childcare facility in Girdwood. You can help this effort in a number of ways! Join our Gratitude Tree that will be located in the new facility with a donation of $100+. Your name will be added as a permanent part of our building.

Girdwood faces both a childcare and housing crisis, which has put immense pressure on the local workforce, businesses, families, and the economy. These challenges extend beyond our community, impacting the available workforce and our ability to provide services to visitors who come to Girdwood for recreation. The splendor of our community relies on the people who live and work here. If they cannot thrive, neither can Girdwood. That is why we are urging EVERYONE to unite FOR GIRDWOOD! By addressing our childcare crisis, we are fostering prosperity for all in Girdwood.

Click here to Donate on our Go Fund Me Page!

Learn About Our Gratitude Tree Sponsorship Levels:

  1. Little Bears Believer – Leaf – $100 – $499
  2. Cub Contributor – Twig – $500 – $999
  3. Black Bear Booster – Branch – $1000 – $4,999
  4. Brown Bear Benefactor – Bough – $5,000 – $9,999
  5. Grizzly Bear Grantor – Limb – $10,000 – $24,999
  6. Polar Bear Patron – Trunk – $25,000 – $99,999
  7. Bear Den Builder – Base of Tree – $100,000 – $349,999 (Classroom or Multipurpose Room Dedication opportunity + Gratitude Tree)
  8. Ursa Major Angel “The Great Bear” – Roots – $350,000+

We greatly appreciate any amount. Every dollar counts.

Donate by Check:

Checks made payable to:  Girdwood Inc – EIN: 77-0631498 – Check Memo: Childcare Project

Correspondence/Letter Reference:  Donation to the Girdwood Workforce Childcare Project / Everyone for Girdwood

Address to: Girdwood Inc PO Box 1102 Girdwood, AK 99587

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