The Girdwood, Inc. Board of Directors welcomes all forms of donations to help serve the Girdwood community.


You can make a donation by check, payable to:
Girdwood, Inc., PO Box 1102, Girdwood, AK 99587.

If you want your donation to go toward a specific cause, please make a note on your check memo or in your correspondence.

You can donate online with PayPal or Debit/Credit (no PayPal account is required).


Want to make sure your donation goes toward the cause you care about most? Scan the options below and donate to one or more sponsored organizations or causes by clicking on the associated donate button!

Girdwood Workforce Childcare Project

The Girdwood Workforce Childcare Project is a major focus for our organization since 2022. We are partnered with Little Bears Playhouse, a local 501(c)3 nonprofit childcare provider, to build a new childcare facility. You can donate toward this cause on the Go Fund Me page or by clicking the link below.

Girdwood Library and Community Room

Girdwood Book Spine Donations for Library

Collect and administer donations and expenditures

Turnagain News

Turnagain News is an independent, locally-owned, non-profit newspaper serving Southcentral Alaska. View their website by clicking here:

Imagine Girdwood

The mission of Imagine! Girdwood is to fund and complete a transparent, inclusive rewrite of the Girdwood Comprehensive Plan to guide Girdwood land use in an orderly and understandable process that is respectful of all views.

Girdwood Bear Aware

Community Recreation Center Task Force

Girdwood Fungus Fair

Girdwood Skatepark


If you are willing to donate time or event items, e-mail Dale Goodwin, Board President. Ideas include:

  • Donate time to help community members in a sponsored organization
  • Donate food, drinks, or decorations for Girdwood, Inc. events
  • Donate time to help the Board set up and clean up at sponsored events
  • Donate a music performance to Girdwood. Inc. events

Thank you for your support!