Who We Support

The listed groups are sponsored by Girdwood, Inc.  Over time, some groups have incorporated as their own non-profits and no longer need Girdwood, Inc.’s sponsorship, you can learn about them on our Success Stories page. Currently, Girdwood, Inc. sponsors over 20 groups in the community.

The August Foundation Administer donations and funds for foster dog mushing in community
Community Recreation Center Task Force Administer donations and expenditures
Girdwood Area Plan Update Task Force
Girdwood Beautification Committee Collect and administer donations to this committee
Girdwood Community Garden Administer funds and donations for this new group
Girdwood Gerrish Library and Community Center Boosters Collect and administer donations and expenditures
Girdwood Spine Donations for Library
Girdwood Fungus Fair Administer income and expenditures for this event
Girdwood Mining & Ski Museum Administer donations and expenditures
Girdwood Mountain Biking Alliance Administer funds and expenditures for local projects
Girdwood Playground Committee Administer donations, balances and ongoing expenditures for the children’s playground, grant reporting and administration
Girdwood Skateboard Park Administer donations and expenditures for this ongoing project
Girdwood Teacher Cohort for Trails Curriculum Administer grant expenditures
Girdwood Tennis Court Rehabilitation
Girdwood Trails Committee Administer donations, expenditures, balance reporting, and grant reporting for this committee
Girdwood Trails Marathon Administer funding and expenditures for this new group
Administer donations and grants for this fund

Resource Advisory Committee
Interface with USFS to administer RAC grants for the Girdwood area

Administer donations for this project
Turnagain Arm Mycological Society Administer funds and donations for this new group
Winner Creek Gorge Bridge Collect donations for this project