What We Do

Currently, the Girdwood, Inc. Board of Directors focuses on four areas of community support:

Assisting Educational and Charitable Organizations in the Girdwood Valley

The Girdwood, Inc. Board assists local educational and charitable organizations that do not have non-profit standing.  We sponsor these groups by administering income and grants, then disbursing their funds as directed. The organization’s income may come from donations, events, or any legitimate source.  When the group decides that it wants to use the money, Girdwood, Inc. disburses the funds.  These actions must be consistent with non-profit requirements and for the stated purpose of the organization.

This assistance makes it possible for local groups to operate with the support of a non-profit until their purposes are completed or they organize their own non-profit entity.

Organizations must apply for sponsorship and be approved by the Girdwood, Inc. Board.  Forms for sponsorship and disbursement of funds are found on the Forms page of this website.

Girdwood Workforce Childcare Project

Girdwood Inc, in partnership with Little Bears Playhouse, are working to build a new childcare facility in the Girdwood valley. This project is actively fundraising and you can contribute or learn more by clicking here.

Restoring and Renovating The Roundhouse at Alyeska Museum

Girdwood, Inc.’s first project was to restore and renovate the historic Roundhouse and to create a museum and visitor center that give tribute to the many factors that have shaped the valley. The Roundhouse restoration and exhibits were funded by a number of grants and private donations totaling nearly $2,000,000.  The museum is located at the top of the Alyeska Resort Tram and Chair One and opened in 2008.

The Roundhouse at Alyeska Museum’s two primary missions are to convey the history of the valley and to be self-sustaining.  Conveying the history focuses on dynamic exhibits, publication of local history books, and speaker and artist visits. Ongoing Roundhouse operation is supported in part by Alyeska Resort. Gift shop sales, voluntary contributions, and fundraising events also subsidize The Roundhouse.

Visit the Roundhouse website

For an oral history of Alyeska and The Roundhouse, listen to KAKM’s Outdoor Explorer where Charles Wolforth interviews Chris Von Imof and Rosey Fletcher.

Holding Cultural Events in Girdwood

Girdwood, Inc.’s Board has held special local events, such as book signings and concerts to showcase artists and authors and to raise funds for The Roundhouse and other sponsored organizations.

Raising Funds for The Roundhouse and Showcasing Sponsored Organizations

In the last four years, Girdwood’s Inc.’s Board has supported The Roundhouse at Alyeska Museum to raise funds by hosting parties at various local venues.

In 2013 The Roundhouse was awarded a $10,000 matching grant offered through the Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm National Heritage Area Communities Association. These monies were applied to an archival project of the Girdwood Valley. The digitized, archival files are available to the public for educational purposes.

The Board has held events to showcase its sponsored organizations for community awareness.

Goals for Girdwood, Inc.

The Girdwood, Inc. Board is dedicated to meeting its goals to enhance service to the community.

First, the Board is committed to serving the community by facilitating grants for large infrastructure projects. Past examples are The Roundhouse at Alyeska, the Library and Community Center and the new upcoming Childcare Facility.

Second, the Board would like to support more organizations in the community and to remain flexible as to the needs of these sponsored groups.

Third, the Board wants to continue to assure that the Girdwood community better understands Girdwood, Inc.’s mission and knows its sponsored groups. See Who We Support.