Protected: Girdwood Workforce Childcare Project

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Community Childcare Innovation Grant Presentation:

Site Information:

Site Boundary Map

Utility Map – Childcare Building

Utility Map – Moose Meadows Subdivision

General Overview Location Map

Business Plan:

Little Bears Business Plan – Updated 2023 – See pages 21, 22, 23 for financial projections.


See 2 bids in above presentation. Skylab was 3rd bid. Skylab was lowest bidder.

View PDF of above presentation, which includes projections provided by Rachel Byers.

Skylab Contract

Skylab GANTT Chart

Design Presentations/Documents:

Development Design Presentation

Project Management General Contractor (PMGC) RFP:

Issued: 1/23/2024

Attachment A: Sample Contract

Attachment B: Performance Survey

Attachment C: Site Boundary

Attachment D: Schematic Design Set

Attachment E: Federal Provisions

Addendum #1

View The Plans Room Report on RFP Viewership

RFP Scoring Selection Committee:

  • Mike Edgington
  • Kevin McDermott
  • Kyle Kelley
  • Hank Hosford


View Draft Contract to Hickel

Other RFP Responses:

Ironwood/Watterson JV – RFP Response

Criterion General – RFP Response

Grant Information



2022-2023 Expenditure Report

ARPA – Municipal Contracts / Documents:

ARPA Agreement – 1

ARPA Agreement – 2

ARPA Assembly Resolution – 3

ARPA – Federal Provisions – 4

ARPA – Insurance – 5 Girdwood Inc Insurance

ARPA – W-9

ARPA Grant Expenditure Report 2022-2023

Community Childcare Innovation Grant – State of Alaska – Thread


Grant Presentation – PDF

Grant Agreement

2023 Grant Activity Reporting

Rasmuson Foundation


Cover Letter – Rasmuson

Cover Sheet – Rasmuson

Proposal – Rasmuson

Budget – Rasmuson

Grant Info Compiled on Rasmuson Site

Board Giving – Rasmuson

Updated Budget per Sharity Sommer’s Request (Rasmuson Point of Contact)

Little Bears Board Communication Updates:

Little Bears Board Meeting Minutes:

January 31, 2023 Minutes with Building Committee Update

February 2023 Minutes with Building Committee Update

March 2023 Minutes with board training.

April 2023 Minutes with Building Committee Update

May 2023 with Building Committee Update

June 2023 with Building Committee Update

September 2023 with Building Committee Update

October 2023 with Building Committee Update

December 2023 with Skylab Presentation and Building Committee Update

December 2023 – Board Meeting – Discussion on renewing Hoke contract

Internal Project Manager Contracts:

Little Bears to Hoke Solutions – September, October, November 2022

Little Bears paid for September and October 2022. Girdwood Inc covered November 2022.

December 2022-December 2023 Hoke Solutions Contract

APRA Funds covered December 2022 through June 2022

Community Childcare Innovation Grant covered July 2022 – Current

Little Bears Financial Information:

2019 Tax Return

2020 Tax Return

2021 Tax Return

July 2023 – June 2024 Little Bears Budget

Everyone For Girdwood:

Fundraising Page: Childcare – Girdwood Inc.

Girdwood Board of Supervisors Resolutions:

2023 Resolution of Support

2020 Resolution of Support for Little Bears – Childcare of GRST2 Zoning

2020 Resolution of Support for Funding Request – Clinic and Little Bears

News Publications:

Girdwood Inc Newsletter – September 2022

Girdwood Inc Newsletter – June 2023

Girdwood Inc Newsletter – September 2023

Girdwood Inc Newsletter – October 2023

Girdwood Inc Newsletter – January 2024

Alaska Public Media: “Girdwood’s only licensed child care facility ‘at the end of the line’ as organizers look to expand”

Anchorage Daily News: Alyeska Resort owner pursues new housing projects and community facilities in Girdwood – Anchorage Daily News (

Turnagain News – Turnagain Arm’s Childcare Crisis is Fixable

Permit Information

Clearing Permit Site Map – Prepared by Triad Engineering (Not submitted as of 3.21.24)

Clearing Permit Application Worksheet

Lease Information

Pomeroy to Little Bears Lease

Little Bears Site Boundary Map


Geotechnical Engineering Report (Provided by Alyeska – Confidential – See Boring B-5)

CAPSIS Request

Senator Giessel – $500,000 CAPSIS

Reference Number: #68917v1

Info 1 pager for Giessel – Bullet Points

Congressionally Directed Spending Request – FY25 – Murkowski

Senator Lisa Murkowski – $980,000 FY25 CDS Request Bullet Points

Girdwood Workforce Childcare Project Expenditure Reports

2022-2023 Girdwood Workforce Childcare Project Expenditure Report

2022- Q1 2024 Girdwood Workforce Childcare Project Expenditure Report

2022 – 2024 ARPA Expenditure Report

Building Committee Reports

April 2024 Building Committee Report

Grants Submitted

Denali Commission:

Denali Commission – Submitted 4-12-2024 on Tracking Number: GRANT14124320 / Opportunity Number: DC-WP-24-001

Copy of Application

Risk Assessment Form

The Yass Prize:

The Yass Prize – Submitted 4-18-2024 via Little Bears Playhouse Inc.