A summary of Holtan Hills

Many people say, “I don’t know enough about what is going on.” We hope this summary will catch you up to speed.

In April 2021, without consulting the Girdwood community, Heritage Land Bank released an RFP to develop 150 acres.

Initially, the RFP had a response time of about 37 days.

Stay tuned for more details…coming soon.

Governmental Timelines:

10/26/20 – Public Review Period for 2021 Work Plan begins

12/11/20 – End of 45 day public review period for 2021 Work Plan

2/23/21 – HLB 2021 Work Plan Approved by Assembly via Resolution 2021-25

4/7/21 – HLB Posts RFP (RFP was not mentioned on work plan, approved just 6 weeks prior)

4/20/21 – HLB Holds Meeting to Discuss RFP

5/14/21 – Original deadline to submit response to RFP

6/7/21 – Extended due date for submissions

6/29/21 – MOA Posts Selection Committee Results Memo (No elected officials on selection committee. HLB chose committee.)

7/15/21 – Approximate Date Negotiations Begin