The Girdwood, Inc. Board of Directors welcomes all forms of donations to help serve the Girdwood community.  Here are three ways to donate:

1.   If you are willing to donate time or event items, contact Dale Goodwin, Board President, at  Ideas are:

  • Donate time to help community members in a sponsored organization
  • Donate food, drinks, or decorations for Girdwood, Inc. events
  • Donate time to help the Board set up and clean up at sponsored events
  • Donate a music performance to Girdwood. Inc. events

2.  Choose Girdwood, Inc. for a Pick.Click.Give. donation with your Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend application. Click here to find Girdwood, Inc. on Pick.Click.Give.

3. Donate online! Click the button below, and use your credit card.

4.  Mail monetary donations of any amount to Girdwood, Inc., PO Box 1102, Girdwood, AK 99587.

Thank you for your support!