Girdwood, Inc. is now a Pick.Click.Give organization!

PCG-Organization-IconGirdwood, Inc., is now on the Pick.Click.Give list! Don’t forget to select and donate to your favorite local non-profit when you apply for your Permanent Fund Dividend.

If you give…and your neighbor does…and another…it will add up quickly.  With one donation at a time, we can make good things happen.

When you make a donation from your PFD through Pick.Click.Give., you can make an impact by sharing just a little with something you care about.

When you go online to apply for your dividend, you will see the Pick.Click.Give. option.  Click and follow the instructions to make your donation.

Girdwood, Inc. on Pick.Click.Give.

You may give all or part of your dividend, whatever is appropriate for you and your family.  We simply encourage you to give.

Learn more about Girdwood, Inc. and Pick.Click.Give.

Fall Roundup 2015

Fall Roundup 2015

Girdwood, Inc.’s post-summer gathering and community event.