Board of Directors

Dale Goodwin, President, has participated in various non-profits for the last 25 years, primarily with development and fundraising. She is a resident of Girdwood and loves to ski.

Lynn Johnson, Vice-President, has had ties to the Girdwood area since the early 1970′s and still is active in Girdwood activities. He is an Anchorage businessman and Girdwood property owner, and he spends as much time as possible in Girdwood.

Diana Stone Livingston, Treasurer, is a founding director of Girdwood, Inc. She and her family have lived in Girdwood for over thirty-seven years and have always worked to support the needs of the community.

Lynne’ Doran, Secretary, and her family have lived in Girdwood for over 20 years and own Alyeska Hideaway Log Cabins and Doran Construction.  Lynne’ is passionate about her community and has volunteered her time to many organizations in the valley.

Larry Cash is a founding Director of Girdwood, Inc. He and his wife enjoy spending time year around at their property in Girdwood.  When he isn’t working at his architectural firm, Larry enjoys skiing, flying, and fishing.

Kathleen Cronen is a retired CEO and University Professor. She has served on multiple boards in Alaska, the Lower 48 and Africa. She loves living full time in Girdwood, spending time with her family, and enjoying the outdoors.

Rich Peterson is a Girdwood resident that manages and operates in 2 different local businesses. Rich supports the Girdwood community through his participation in various local non-profit organizations, and of course through his passion for recreating in the Girdwood valley.

Matt Vogel, a retired architect, worked long hours on the restoration of the Roundhouse at Mt. Alyeska.

Chris von Imhof, Honorary Member, is a founding Director of Girdwood, Inc.  As a former CEO of Alyeska Resort, he was instrumental in getting the Roundhouse at Mt. Alyeska on the National Historical Registry and restoring the building.